Monday, January 18, 2010

Should a man get a manicure? Pedicure?

I heard this on a morning show the other day. My wife has tried to get me to try it but I just can't bring myself to do it. Any thoughts?Should a man get a manicure? Pedicure?
why not dont walk around like a caveman:D you dont need any nail polish or something like that. Meaby you just need to lose skin around your nails or something like that.

But if you think your nails are oke dont go and ask your wife why shud you go:DShould a man get a manicure? Pedicure?
Don't you do a manicure and pedicure on your own already?

I don't think it would be any wise doing this in a beauty salon as we guys we just don't leave long nails, so, even if you'd professionally get it done, it won't be any different. It would be a total waste of money!

You can do a facial if you want as at least you'd benefit from that!
No! My gf keeps trying to convince me to go get a pedicure. Instead I told her she could do it for me. She cuts my toe nails, etc. Its like a pedicure in the privacy of your home. They have nail tools you could buy. She will feel needed and you get your nails taken care of without having to get embarrassed in front of a lot of people.
I knew alot of african american guys in my unit that got manicures, they showe dme their polished nails, the nail polish was invisible of course, i just thought they were trying to look alll pimped out.
Everybody deserves someone pampering them. You could always get one, see how it goes and make a judgment from there.
I see nothing wrong with a man being well groomed, and that includes fingernails and toenails.
Give it a try and see if you like it dear.
No! Don't listen to your wife. She is trying to turn you gay!
yes you should you will love it ! nothing wrong with some manscaping !
I wouldn't go, just clip ur nails and clean the dirt out. Use the money you saved for something you really want!

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